Sylvania Marina

For more than 40 years Sylvania Marina had prided itself as not only Australia's largest Bertram/Caribbean dealer but as the home of Bertram/Caribbean.

Whether it be new or second hand boats, electronics, servicing, spare parts, boating accessories or you just want a bit of advice, we are here to help you.

Over the years Sylvania Marina has worked with International Marine in developing upgrades to current models as well as helping in the development of new models. This not only adds to their knowledge of the Caribbean range but also lets the builder know what you, the customer, want out of a boat. Take a walk down their 60 berth full-floating marina and you will quickly see why they are known as the home of Bertram/Caribbean. The whole range is there, from the newly developed 24 to the flagship of the fleet. Over 75% of the boats berthed at Sylvania Marina are in fact Caribbeans.

Service, knowledge and experience are only some of the reasons why Sylvania Marina is and will continue to be Australia's Largest Caribbean Dealer.

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