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Sylvania Marina is situated on the southern shoreline of the Georges River, just west of the Tom Ugly’s Bridge on the Princes Highway. The marina consists of a 60 berth floating marine with facility’s including Fuel, slipways for up to 40ft vessels, second hand boat brokerage, new Caribbean boat brokerage, shipwrights, electricians, marine trimmers and more. They are also agents for Anchorage Marine and Club Marine insurance. Over the years the marina has been known as the home of Caribbean and for good reason. Today they boast in excess of 50 years in partnership with Caribbean, previously known as Bertram, Boats. On most weekends the marina is abuzz with family’s getting together for lunch or organising that night’s get-together, children running around in small inflatable boat and everyone on the wharf ready to help anyone that needs it. It really is a family friendly atmosphere and that’s just the way the proprietors want it.

It’s now getting close to 40 years since the two names, Ghosn and Sylvania Marina became one. Back in the 1970’s, Paul Ghosn started working at a small marina in Sylvania known as Glens boat shed. Back then there was a fixed timber jetty that housed about 30 boats, mostly timber, a couple of slipways for boat maintenance and a third slipway that was used by the boat builder working out of the front workshop. Each morning Paul would make himself a coffee and walk down the timber wharf to check and make sure all the boats were still tied up and floating, as they were the night before when he left them.

That was in 1977 and within a few years the boat shed had changed hands and was renamed, Sylvania Marina. Paul Ghosn was still a part of it and from all accounts, came with the sale of the boatshed. By the mid 1980’s the marina had grown in size and was now able to hold over 50 boats, on the extended timber wharf. There was also another change; it once again had a new owner, Paul Ghosn.

Fast forward to today and there have been a lot of changes. The timber jetty is long gone and has been replaced by a modern floating marina, the slipways are now EPA approved and environmentally friendly, the boats are all modern and made of fibreglass and fitted with all the comforts of home. But one thing hasn’t changed; Paul Ghosn still walks down the wharf with his coffee in hand checking the boats each morning.

It was a passion for fishing and boating that got Paul involved all those years ago. That passion still remains today and has not only been followed by his two sons Nathan and Matthew but has been handed down to his grandchildren. Over the past 35+ years the Ghosn family have extensively been involved in all forms of fishing and boating. They have won countless tournaments and trophy’s, set bench marks and travelled the country with fishing rod in hand. Both Nathan and Matthew have enjoyed a very successful fishing career since Paul hung up his rods in the early 1990’s, capturing a number of sharks well over the 1000lb mark and having countless tournament wins to their name. Nathan has spent time fishing overseas and has become a well-known fishing writer and photographer. Some of his adventures include extended offshore trips wide of New Zealand’s North islands to chasing 1000lb Blue marlin in exotic locations and just about everything in-between. Although today he is the first to admit that he enjoys nothing better than chasing Barramundi in Australia’s north with his family.

In the late 1970’s Sylvania marina became an agent for the International Marine produced Bertram boats. Over the next 35 years a partnership was formed, a partnership that borders on a family. Between the experience of Australia’s most respected boat builder and the experience and passion of the Ghosn family, Sylvania Marina has become Australia’s longest serving and largest Dealer to date that International Marine have had. Both businesses are family run and it was this chemistry that enabled both companies to work hand in hand with the development of the range.

Maybe it’s the experience, maybe it’s the passion or maybe it’s the old fashioned family values that Paul has, but one thing is for certain, when you’re dealing with Sylvania marina your dealing with a wealth of knowledge that has come from countless hours on the water, most of them with family and friends.

If your wanting to deal with someone who can help you live your dream, catch that fish of a life time or help with that BIG TRIP, call the Ghosn’ s at Sylvania marina, they are there to help.